Web Font Analyzer

How Many Characters are Visible?

After removing all of the metadata from the rendered HTML, there are 0 visible glyphs on the page.
Page Weight
Font Weight
Visible Glyphs
This table illustrates visible glyphs on the page. The character in the center of each cell is rendered with a system font.
The number on the top right is how often it appeared in the rendered HTML. The number in the lower left is the codepoint value for the glyph.

When are Fonts Loading?

This table shows a breakdown of where fonts are loaded with respect to FCP, LCP, and Page Load Time. The column width is based on the relationship between these metric ranges.
Before FCP FCP to LCP LCP to PageLoad
Time 0 ms 0 ms 0 ms
Total KB 0 KB 0 KB 0 KB
Font KB 0 KB 0 KB 0 KB
Fonts 0 0 0

Summary of Fonts Used on Page

There were 0 fonts loaded on this page, totalling 10 KB
Fonts accounted for 0% of the total page weight.
URL Content Type Size Glyphs

Summary of Font Usage

There were 0 font faces declared in the CSS on this page
There 0 fonts loaded, 0 using font-display:swap.
Family Display Status Style Weight